Our Top Tips for Planning your Wedding Flowers

  1. Take time to look at Pinterest and Instagram to get some inspiration but don’t feel like you need to know everything. Rely on our years of experience and passion for the industry to help you make some crucial decisions.

  2. Start a Pinterest board and start pinning - you can share your Pinterest board with us and add to it as we progress in the design process. Even if you like a whole mix of images - we can usually see commonalities that you may not be able to, we can narrow it down from there.

  3. Remember that weddings are a celebration of your love. It is about the two of you most of all. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to simplify things if it's all getting a bit overwhelming.

  4. No one likes to talk about money but it is imperative that you are open with us about where you would like to see your flower budget falling and if there is any wiggle room in it. We can work to any budget and provide guidance on where to best focus your efforts.

  5. Focus on key pieces in your floral design. You can never have too many flowers, but if you are concerned about your budget, we like to focus our efforts on a few statement pieces rather than spreading everything thin.

  6. Don’t be afraid to not follow the latest trend in flowers…trends come and go in floristry as they do in fashion and all other industries - go with a colour palette and style that makes your heart sing rather than doing what everyone else is doing, in 5 years from now you’ll want to look back and love every aspect of your day!

  7. Don’t feel you must have every traditional floral piece - talk to your family, many mothers these days don’t want a corsage! If your ceremony space has a stunning view, why not focus your budget into a drop dead gorgeous bouquet and an aerial piece for your reception?

  8. Be open to flower choices. We would say that about 95% of inspiration photos that are sent our way have peonies and other very niche flowers in them. Peonies for example are only available for the shortest period of time in Spring/Summer and are pricey when they are here. Try not to be too prescriptive with your flower choices, that way we may be able to get you something unexpected but amazing!

  9. Trust us. Yes, Trust is a big word! But we hope that you pick us because you have seen our work and you like our style. We are more than happy to follow your guide if you have a specific vision in mind but you really will get the best out of us if we are free to create based on a few inspiration notes.

You're Engaged! Now what?

You're Engaged! Now what?

So you’re engaged, Congratulations! You’re probably still giddy with love and excitement at the prospect of marrying the love of your life. 
After the heady celebrations & champagne comes the huge task of bringing together all of your Pinterest ideas and wedding dreams. Before you know it you’ll be choosing your venue, your celebrant and floral stylist…or perhaps you haven’t got this far don’t even know where to start,  the whole process is just too overwhelming. 

That’s where we step in…now you can breathe…