You're Engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! You’re engaged You’re probably still giddy with love and excitement at the prospect of marrying the love of your life. 
After the heady celebrations & champagne comes the huge task of bringing together all of your Pinterest ideas and wedding dreams. Before you know it you’ll be choosing your venue, your celebrant and floral stylist…or perhaps you haven’t got this far don’t even know where to start,  the whole process is just too overwhelming. 

That’s where we step in…now you can breathe. 

As floral stylists, we are quite often the team that helps you bring all your ideas together to make a wedding style cohesive. Our main objective is to create a  beautiful day for you + your love. 

When deciding on your colour scheme and style direction, we are usually influenced by your wedding dress and venue. This gives us a true understanding of the style you are loving, so it's a good idea to bring images of these key elements to your first meeting. 

Another important element to helping decide your style direction is the colours, textures, and themes you’re inspired by, and that’s usually indicated by your Pinterest board  (not everyone has one though, so don’t panic :) 

If it’s bold, moody and floral heavy or light and delicate inspired by the garden, florals play an important part in creating beauty throughout your day from ceremony to reception. 

What we’re finding is that most couples are heavily influenced by trending colour schemes and floral choices because of all the delicious images in their  Instagram feeds, and who can blame them?  Our advice to creating a gorgeous style is not to be too influenced by trends, this is partly because trends come and go.  As hard as it may be, try and stick with what you love, have faith in your floral stylists and trust them when they make suggestions, remembering they have your best interest at heart and want to make your day as beautiful as can be! {they do this for a living and know what works best} 

Tips for preparing to meet your florists 

1. Choose an experienced floral team that understands you and your direction. 

2. Have a realistic budget in mind {flowers can be expensive!} Allocate at least 10% of your wedding budget to florals 

3. Bring in your inspiration images, colour samples and any things that relate or you'd like to include in your wedding styling. 

4. Bring only a couple of people to your initial meeting, too many opinions can sway you from having your wedding the way you'd love it 

5. Come in with an open mind! Creatives will help guide you on the right path and help make your wedding day style cohesive and beautiful!